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About Melina Meza

I love to inspire and be inspired. My enthusiasm for life is contagious and has been known to ignite the creative fire in those near and far. I find the most consistent inspiration for photographs outside in Nature. In Nature, my muse comes alive with the company of the great elements—space, air, fire, water, and earth.

In addition to my work as a photographer, I've been teaching Hatha yoga, Ayurveda, and nutrition for last the 21+ years. Curiosity, joy, grace, and kindness are travel companions that accompany me to each photo shoot. From this vantage point, I hope my images draw you into the luxurious moment to see the truth with fresh eyes and appreciation.

My images are bold, sensitive, clear, and full of wonder, capturing beauty in its purest form. I see the world with respect and artistic perception. I strive to document the raw uniqueness of each moment and of each person; I enjoy waiting for the moment when the subject is vulnerable and reveals itself to the process of art making.

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