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About Melina Meza

Growing up on the mystical coast of Northern California, I was captivated by the wondrous beauty and transformative power of the natural world. My love and reverence for nature have inspired my life's work as a visual artist, yoga instructor, and wellness advocate.

As an artist, I have always been drawn to the medium of photography, captivated by its ability to document the essence of the natural world. I was particularly moved by the works of luminaries such as Ansel Adams, Brett Weston, Robert Mapplethorpe, Sebastião Salgado, and Imogen Cunningham, whose striking black-and-white images revealed the sensual and soulful aspects of nature.

In my artistic journey, I have discovered that photography is not merely a technical process of capturing images, but rather a profound and meditative practice of co-creation with the natural world. By immersing myself in the process of discovery, I allow the images to reveal themselves to me, and through my lens, I capture the magic, the mystery, and the majesty of nature.

Drawing upon a diverse array of techniques, my current artistic style is characterized by a unique blend of in-camera multiple exposures, motion or macro photography. Each image is a poetic interpretation of the natural world around me.

Through a camera’s lens, I partner with Nature to co-create beauty, images that offer transportive experiences that are vivid and yet serene,  mood-shifting while also being thought-provoking. My creative alliance with Nature—the place in which I find my joy, alignment, and deepest sense of belonging—leaves me grateful and in awe each and every day.

Group Exhibitions 2023

• "Quiet Landscapes", PhotoPlace Gallery, VA

• "The Get Aways" H Gallery, Ventura, CA

Juror - Alameda On Camera   - Frank Bette Center for the Arts, Alameda, CA

Group Exhibitions 2022

“Shades of Gray”, Gray Loft Gallery,   Oakland, CA

Solo Exhibitions

2023 June 8-August 5 "Reciprocity", NY2CA Gallery  Benicia, CA

2022, “Pause”, Next Space Co-working, Santa Cruz, CA

2022, “Poetic Nature”, Home Gallery, Oakland, CA

2022, “Pause”, The Lightroom, Berkeley, CA

2021, “Following the Light”, Home Gallery, Oakland, CA

2018, “Enchanted Landscape – Iceland”, Home Gallery, Oakland, CA

2017, “Wonderment” Home Gallery, Oakland, CA

2016, “Dreamscapes”, Home Gallery, Oakland, CA

2014, “Yogis in Nature”, Mountain Yoga, Oakland, CA

2014, “Yogis in Nature”, Berkeley Iron Works, Berkeley, CA

2013, “Branching” Rare Bird, Oakland, CA

2012, “In Season and On the Go”, 8 Limbs Yoga Centers, Seattle, WA

Poetic Nature Collection - Limited Edition Book - 2022

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